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7 Reasons why you have to use python programming Language

1. Readable and Maintainable Code - While writing a code application, you need to concentrate  on the standard of its ASCII text file to modify maintenance and updates. The syntax rules of Python permit you to precise ideas while not writing further code. At an equivalent time, Python, in contrast to alternative programming languages, emphasizes code readability and permits you to use English keywords rather than punctuation. Hence, you'll use Python to create custom applications while not writing further code. The clear and clean code base can assist you to keep up and update the code while not golf stroke over time and energy.

2) Multiple Programming Paradigms- Like different trendy programming languages, Python 
conjointly supports many programming paradigm. It supports object-directed and structured programming totally. Also, its language options support numerous ideas in useful and aspect-oriented programming. At an equivalent time, Python conjointly options a dynamic sort system and automatic memory management. The programming paradigms and language options assist you to use Python for developing giant and sophisticated code applications.

3) Compatible with Major Platforms and Systems- At present, Python supports several 
operative systems. You’ll be able to even use Python interpreters to run the code on specific platforms and tools. Also, Python is associate degree taken programming language. It permits you to run an equivalent code on multiple platforms while not recompilation. Hence, you're not needed to recompile the code when creating any alteration. You’ll be able to run the changed application code while not recompiling and check the impact of changes created to the code right away. The feature makes it easier for you to create changes to the code while not increasing development time.
4) Strong customary Library- Its giant and strong customary library makes Python score over 
different programming languages. The quality library permits you to decide on from a large variety of modules in line with your precise desires. Every module and allows you to feature practicality to the Python application while not writing additional code. For example, whereas writing an internet application in Python, you'll be able to use specific modules to implement net services, perform string operations, manage package interface or work with net protocols. You’ll be able to even gather data regarding numerous modules by browsing through the Python customary Library documentation.

5) Several Open supply Frameworks and Tools- As associate degree open supply programming language, Python helps you to curtail code development price considerably. You’ll be able to even use many open supply Python frameworks, libraries, and development tools to curtail development time while not increasing development price. You even have a choice to choose between a large vary of open supply Python frameworks and development tools in line with your precise desires. for example, you'll be able to change and quickening net application development by mistreatment strong Python web frameworks like Django, Flask, Pyramid, Bottle and cherrypy. Likewise, you'll be able to accelerate desktop GUI application development mistreatment Python GUI frameworks and toolkits like PyQT, PyJs, PyGUI, Kivy, PyGTK and WxPython.

6) Change advanced code Development- Python may be a general-purpose programming 
language. Hence, you'll be able to use the programming language for developing each desktop and net applications. Also, you'll be able to use Python for developing advanced scientific and numeric applications. Python is intended with options to facilitate knowledge analysis and mental image. You’ll be able to profit off the information analysis options of Python to form custom massive data solutions while not golf shot time beyond regulation and energy. At an equivalent time, the information mental image libraries and genus Apis provided by Python assist you to ascertain and gift data in an exceedingly a lot of appealing and effective means. Several Python developers even use Python to accomplish AI (AI) and language process tasks.

7) Adopt check Driven Development- You can use Python to form a paradigm of the code 
application speedily. Also, you'll be able to build the code application directly from the paradigm just by refactoring the Python code. Python even makes it easier for you to perform cryptography and checking at the same time by adopting a test-driven development (TDD) approach. You’ll be able to simply write the desired tests before writing code and use the tests to assess the applying code unendingly. The tests may also be used for checking if the applying meets predefined needs supported its ASCII text file.

However, Python, like different programming languages, has its own shortcomings. It lacks a number of the intrinsically options provided by different trendy programming language. Hence, you've got to use Python libraries, modules, and frameworks to accelerate custom code development. Also, many studies have shown that Python is slower than several widely used programming languages as well as Java and C++. You’ve got to hurry up the Python application by creating changes to the applying code or mistreatment custom run time. However, you'll be able to forever use Python to hurry up code development and change software maintenance.

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Java Developer should learn the following 5 things in 2019

Here is the following awesome list of java developers should learn in 2019

1. DevOps

This is one space wherever I'm seeing plenty of traction last year as additional and additional company area unit stepping into DevOps and adopting continuous integration and preparation.
DevOps is extremely Brobdingnagian and you wish to be told plenty of tools and principles and that’s what overwhelm several developers however you don’t got to worry. I actually have shared a DevOps RoadMap that you'll follow to be told and master DevOps at your own speed.
This means if you're AN old Java applied scientist with a passion for managing the atmosphere, automation, and up overall structure, you'll become a DevOps Engineer.
If you're searching for some awful resources then Master Jenkins CI For DevOps and Developers may be a nice course, to begin with, notably for Java developers.

2. Git

Git and unpleasant person hub are around whereas|it slow|your time} and while I actually have used unpleasant person in past with Eclipse, however, I'm nonetheless to become master of unpleasant person on the program line.

Why I haven’t down pat unpleasant person therefore far? just because I didn’t want it nonetheless. I actually have sometimes downloaded comes from unpleasant Pearson hub and run from Eclipse however I'm still not therefore nice with Git commands, significantly reverting changes and handling errors.

Since currently most of the business area unit migrating their comes from SVN, CVS to Git, its time to be told and master unpleasant person. I actually have recently purchased the unpleasant person Complete: The definitive, piecemeal guide to unpleasant person from Udemy on their last 10$ sale and this may be the primary item to finish in 2019.

If you're within the same boat and wish to be told or improve your unpleasant personability in 2019, do look at that course from Udemy, it’s terribly handy.

3. Java 9,10,11 or even twelve

As I said, I'm still learning Java eight and plenty of Java developers too. I'll additionally pay a while learning new options of Java nine, Java 10, Java eleven in 2019 except for American state, Java eight remains a priority, till I affected to Java eleven that is another LTS unleash.
The JDK nine brings loads of goodies in terms of modules, Jigsaw, Reactive Streams, method API, HTTP2 shopper, JShell, and API enhancements like assortment manufactory strategies and that I am extremely trying forward to learning them at the earliest chance.
Similarly, JDK ten brings volt-ampere to grant you a flavor of dynamic typewriting and a few Gc improvement.

In the last Udemy 10$ sale, I actually have purchased a bunch of courses and one in all them is that the Complete Java MasterClass, that is updated for Java eleven and that I am trying forward to beginning my Java eleven journey thereupon.
Btw, if you have got nonetheless to start out with JDK eight then here is my list of favorite Java eight tutorials and courses that you'll free from cost: ten best tutorials to find out Java eight.

4. Spring Framework five

I have been hearing regarding some new options like reactive programming model on Spring five, adoption of recent Java options, some unit testing improvement, etc however I even have nonetheless to do that.
Anyway, I even have already started learning Spring five.0 by following Spring five. 0: Beginner to Guru and can keep the momentum stepping into 2019. If you employ Spring, in all probability it’s the most effective time to be told Spring five.0.
If you prefer books, you'll be able to additionally verify this list of advanced Spring Books for Java developers from Manning and Packt Publications.

5. Unit testing

Another space that I need to enhance within the returning year. There are heaps of recent framework and tools on the market for Java programmers to unit take a look at and integration take a look at their application e.g. Mockito and PowerMock for mocking objects, mechanism Framework, and Cucumber for automatic integration take a look at and after all the new and shining JUnit five library.
There is much stuff to be told on this front. If you'll be able to invest a while upgrading your unit testing ability, not solely your writing ability can improve however additionally you'll become a lot of skilled developers, which each company appearance type. to start out with, you'll be able to verify JUnit and Mockito curriculum from Udemy.

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Basic Information, Introduction of Java Programming Language

Java is a language which is having a good market share in every product. It's an open-source and platform-independent which makes it unique and profitable in a business sense. If any product is developed in java then development companies need not ask the customer which operating system they are using.

This will increase the customer base for java products. Whereas if we go for Microsoft product we need to ask the customer whether they have windows operating system which is paid and the customer may not afford. Whenever any product is developed in java it means developers majorly use java classes, methods, and variables.

Many institutes provide java classes in Pune but we are giving very unique java training in Pune.
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We are the best java training institute in Pune because we are giving java videos after every class to every student. This helps everyone to grasp things quickly.
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  1. Entry-level / fresher
  2. Software Engineer
  3. Senior Software Engineer
  4. Team Lead
  5. Consultant
  6. Project Manager
  7. Group Project Manager
  8. Delivery Manager
This will go on ...If we look at the job openings in Pune we see most of the openings are java based. let it be Hadoop or android or anything it requires a java. We at java by Kiran being best java classes in Pune, and good java coaching center in Pune takes care of everything right from grooming a candidate to becoming an expert in java

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  • Write different business logics for any type of use cases by using java object-oriented concepts.
  • Developing an application with parallel execution.
  • All technologies like Hibernate and Spring will be used wherever needed.
  • Create Web Applications Using Struts, Session Management, Filters and web pages with Java Server Page Technology
  • Use advanced features like reflection, exception, inheritance, polymorphism, overloading, overriding, design patterns, abstract classes and many more.
  • Understanding of Develops concepts.
  • Jenkins and the maven and build process will be used for deployments.
  • People can apply many design patterns while developing code.
  • You can refer our syllabus here for both core java and advance java / j2ee.
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The Ultimate Guide on Static Keyword In Java, 2019

Things to remember:
  Static is a keyword used for memory management
  Static means single copy storage for variable or method
  Static keyword can be applied to variables, methods, inner class and blocks
  Static members belongs to class rather than instance of class
Static in java is a keyword that indicates that the variables or functions are shared between all the instances of a particular class since it belongs to the type, not the object. It is used when the programmer wants to share the same variable or method of a class.
Static Variable:
  The variable preceded by ‘static’ keyword is ‘static variable’
     static int a=10;   //variable
     static void m1()
           // method
  Static variable is used to refer common property of all objects of class

·         How to access static variable?
There are two ways to access static variable:
i)      Static variable can be accessed by Class name
        A. a ; [A is class name]
Where A is the class name and ‘a’ is a static variable declared in that class
ii)    Static variable can be accessed by object
    I have a class name called ‘Sample’. Now, we can create the object of the    Sample class
       Sample h=new Sample ();
   System.out.println(h.a);     //’a’ is static variable inside ‘sample’ class

·         How can I access static variable in two ways?

 See in the following program:

package com.javabykiran.Static;
* @author Java By Kiran
public class Staticvar {
static int i=10;
public static void main(String[] args) {
Staticvar s =new Staticvar();
System.out.println(s.i); //Not Recommended
System.out.println(Staticvar.i); //Recommended

  In the above program, we printed the value of variable by using object name and by using class name
  Static variable gets loaded into the memory at the time of class loading
  So, we can access static variable by reference variables as well.
  In the above program, if we create only the reference of class like Staticvar s1=null;    System.out.println(s1.i);   // possible
System.out.println(Staticvar.i);  //possible
The above example compiles and executes successfully because the static variable get loaded into the memory at the time of class loading

  Static variable and method doesn't belong to Object/Instance of the class since static variables are shared across all the instances of Object

Example 1:

package com.jbk;
* @author Java By Kiran
public class StaticVar_Demo{
  int a =10;
  static int b =10;
public static void main(String[]args){

  StaticVar_Demo st= new StaticVar_Demo();    

StaticVar_Demo st1 = new StaticVar_Demo();

int x = st1.a++;
int y = st1.b++;
StaticVar_Demo st2 = new StaticVar_Demo();
int p = st2.a++;
int q = st2.b++;
StaticVar_Demo st3 = new StaticVar_Demo();
int c = st3.a++;
int d = st3.b++;


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7 Reasons why you have to use python programming Language

1. Readable and Maintainable Code - While writing a code application, you need to concentrate  on the standard of its ASCII text file to...